Porcelain Zirconia Crowns

In the past, the traditional method of developing crowns consisted of a metal core with porcelain fused on top.  However, porcelain is susceptible to breakage and chipping, especially on your back molars.  Zirconia crowns are made entirely of one substance, Zirconia, which has the strength of metal and can withstand the natural, intense pressure of the biting and grinding that occurs naturally in your mouth.  Zirconia, which is also known as ceramic steel, is incredibly hard.  It will not deteriorate over time and, in fact, is used in hip replacement surgery.

Due to their metal cores, traditional crowns often appear opaque and not aesthetically pleasing.  Over time, porcelain-fused metal crowns corrode and produce a black gum line as a result.  Crowns made entirely with Zirconia, like BruxZir Solid Zirconia Crowns are the same color inside and out and mimic the translucency of your natural surrounding teeth.

Some resources are calling Zirconia crowns “The Non-Allergic Crown” and claim Zirconia is “biocompatible” because the body does not reject it. Unlike the silver (amalgam) fillings and metal alloys of the past, the human body accepts Zirconium.   Zirconia is a natural material, so the threat of allergy or adverse reaction is minimal.  Additionally, the unpleasant side effect of temperature sensitivity as a result of the electrical conductivity of silver fittings is not a problem with Zirconia.

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