Digital Denture Solution

The Problem With Dentures

Those of you who have worn dentures are familiar with the problems associated with them. These can include any or all of the following: Poor fit, staining, odor, tooth loss and breakage. These problems are inherent design and material issues, and processing issues. Typically a denture or a set of dentures requires one appointment for impressions, sometimes a second appointment for impressions, an appointment to establish a bite, an appointment to try the dentures in and recheck the bite, and if this goes well the denture is processed and the case is finished. Typically more appointments are required for adjustments due processing errors, an inherent consequence of the established method for making dentures. Four to six or more appointments just to get to the point where they can be adjusted and made wearable.

I have been in practice for nearly 30 years, and over that period many things have changed in the practice of dentistry. For example, root canals are completely rotary, simple and fast. The materials used for fillings and crowns are vastly better in terms of esthetics and durability. Our X-rays are 100% digital and require a fraction of the radiation. Tooth replacement with dental implants is predictable, quick, and comfortable. But dentures never change.

The Solution for Dentures

We now offer digital dentures. Most cases can be completed in two appointments. The denture base is milled out of a solid block of material, which is denser, stronger and more stable, so the fit is much more precise. Because the dentures are not processed in the usual way, there is no shrinkage, or warping of the denture base. This results in a better fitting, more secure, more durable, more comfortable, and a more hygienic denture. It also results in a digital record of the denture so that a second denture can be made which is identical and does not require a visit to the dentist’s office.

In addition to this new technology, we work closely with a local surgeon and have expanded the range of services and options for our patients. As far as solutions for dentures we can offer retention with dental implants, or for a more permanent solution we now offer fixed dentures which are actually screwed onto dental implants for a a stable, comfortable permanent restoration.